The NEW @snuggyhoods mesh eye sweet itch/fly mask is currently being trialed by a number of customers. This is a before $ after photo having used the mask for about a month. The difference is great!

Watch this space!!! If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Suffering with your itchy horses & ponies?

It can often seem like a never ending battle at this time of year, whether your four legged friend just reacts badly to fly bites or is a Sweet Itch sufferer…there is help available to help keep it under control.

Snuggy Hoods are here to help, we offer a free advice line and are very friendly. We offer a wide range of product to suit all breeds, shapes and sizes from mini’s to maxi’s.

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Snuggy Sooty & Janey Bring Home The Ribbons From Their Debut Outing

28.02.16 (Snuggy Sooty & Janey on the left)

On our way home from a fabulous area 15 show. Janeys debut with Saint Sooty …. And 2 x wins!!! So so proud of them both. Thank you so much Team Holder, Emma Holder , Gayle Holder , Leon Stuart King (aka Billy Elliot), Gary Parr, Sian Holley and Georgia Aungier. And a huge well done to Matilda Jackson-Clutton (Laura Clutton ) for a well deserved 2nd! What a pair of superstars!!! (Ponies and children!)

If you are looking for any advice on how to make your Sweet Itch sufferers look as fantastic as Sooty then please do not hesitate to call us in the office as we would be delighted to help.

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What Is Sweet Itch: Symptoms And Treatments For Summer Itching In Horses

So What Is Sweet Itch And Why Do Horses Suffer With It?

Sweet itch is defined as a hypersensitive reaction to specific allergens and molecules causing an extreme immune response in sensitized horses. There are multiple allergens involved.

The hypersensitivity response is mediated by an antibody produced by the horse’s immune system which binds the allergens, causing a cascade production of histamine and cytokines which make the horse’s skin inflamed and extremely itchy. Of these, histamine appears the most important in the initial phase of reaction.

Symtoms Of Sweet Itch In Horses

  • An allergic reaction develops at the site where the insects feed
  • The majority of affected horses will develop itching and lesions at the mane and the tail
  • Lesions appearing around the ears and head are also quite common.
  • These lesions are characterised by intense itching which results in rubbing and lots of trauma to the skin.

What Can I Do To Prevent Sweet Itch

There are lots of things you can do to prevent sweet itch in you horse.

  • Insecticides and repellant may be used (either on the horse or in their living space
  • barriers should be used. for example a good quality horse rug (anti itch rugs are best)
  • Fatty acid supplements and linseed oil may prove effective

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