The NEW @snuggyhoods mesh eye sweet itch/fly mask is currently being trialed by a number of customers. This is a before $ after photo having used the mask for about a month. The difference is great!

Watch this space!!! If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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The Show Season is Approaching!

The time of year is approaching where the Show Horses & Ponies come in from their holidays, the mass clipping commences, feeds are altered to ensure that condition is tip top, bathing, grooming and rugging ….the list goes on!!

Before we know it the midges shall be out in force so it is important to have protection against the elements in the forefront of your mind.

For any new followers who missed out on our Snuggy Sooty Showing series 2016. Sooty is a chronic sweet itch sufferer and it is paramount that his condition is managed with the correct protection & great care. Sooty reached #HOYS2016 and you would not believe that he suffers from such a horrid condition. If you feel like you are stuck in a Sweet Itch Rut then please do not hesitate to contact our helpline on 01225 783399, we are here to help and provide knowledge and advice on the best Sweet Itch protection for your horse or pony…..they can look as amazing as Sooty too!

Snuggy Sooty has arrived at Team Holders for his show preparation to begin, we shall keep you updated with his progress throughout the 2017 Season.


The preparation begins – Watch here –

Hunter Pony Lead Rein Of The Year Goes To…..


Horse Of The Year Show 2016 is certainly one to remember for all of those at Snuggy Hoods. The results gained by staff members, sponsors and customers along with their prize possession horses and ponies were breathtaking, an absolute credit to the team. You are already a winner to have even made it to Hoys, an achievement that shall be cherished for many years to come.

The dreams continued beyond our wildest dreams when Snuggy Hoods Director’s daughter Eugenie Godfrey-Faussett WON the Hunter Pony Lead Rein Of The Year with her beautiful pony, Gryngalt Picture Frame, lead by Emma Holder. The combination were foot perfect and looked a million dollars and still have beaming smiles from ear to ear.

Comment from Becky Godfrey-Faussett – “What a finale to the best season we have ever had! We have 2 perfect ponies. Both Soots and Lolli gave their all to one very lucky little girl who rode her socks off! I can’t put into words how we all feel! Still can’t believe it. All my thanks however go to our fabulous producers Team Holder! Gayle Holder and Emma Emma Holder have worked tirelessly this season and we’ve had so much fun! I literally can’t thank you enough! Russell Ingram, Rachel Perfect and Sian Holley you are too fabulous for words! All in all “simply the best” – think our pictures say the rest!”.

Pictured Above – Snuggy Sooty the Chronic Sweet Itch Sufferer. Sooty’s sweet itch is managed by all of the Snuggy Hoods products. If you need help and advice to get your sweet itch sufferer looking this good then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on, 01225 783399 or

It was another fabulous win for our very own Chloe Hiscock, Marketing Manager of Snuggy Hoods and her beautiful dun horse Aramis. With an impressive performance they won a very tough SEIB search for a Star Riding Horse Championship, qualifying them for the SEIB Supreme Championship on the final day in the Genting International Arena.

Chloe’s comments – “Well what can I say!! Still totally on cloud 9 after Aramis taking SEIB Riding Horse Champion of The Year today. I am so so so proud of my amazing boy, he is having a well deserved quiet day today recouping ready for the Supreme Championship on Sunday !!! Whatever the outcome I could not be happier right now, loving every minute. It is certainly quite interesting trying to juggle the Snuggy Hoods trade stand whilst having a horse to attend to….but it made the experience all that little more exciting and memorable. The Snuggy Hoods team have been absolutely irreplaceable. Such great support, help and advice, thank you so much to all. I would not have changed a single moment!”

Below: Snuggy Hoods Team Member Rachel Cowan’s daughter, Meg Thompson and her absolutely stunning horse Inkwell Little Mark in the CHAPS Non Native Pony of The Year.

Rachels Comments – “These 2 melt my heart. Gutted that it wasn’t meant to be this year but onwards and upwards. A Pokemon in the corner of the top spec arena put them out of the placings but I am so incredible proud of how Meg Thompson coped and remained so calm and professional. There is always another day. We have had the most incredible season and won more than we could have ever dreamed of. A well deserved break for them now and bring on 2017!”.

Rachel’s team are on the look out for lovely fun people to produce for. They are located in Buckingham with great facilities and easy access to big competition centres. Each and every pony/horse is catered for on an individual basis and treated like one of the family. Please get in touch f you would like any further information.

The Bug Body makes the perfect Ride on Fly Rug


For many the option of removing a rug to go out hacking is a daunting and somewhat dangerous task, especially for those with particularly sensitive horses. Many find that their horse becomes continually irritated by biting insects which results in head shaking, kicking, biting, excessive tail swishing and an uncomfortable attitude for your entire ride.
There is a way to overcome this issue and provide your horse with relief from the elements during your hack, allowing both yourself and your horse to have a peaceful and most importantly ENJOYABLE ride.

If you are reading this blog and thinking…..this is my horse….then look no further, we have a heap of fantastic reviews from customers who ride their horses in the Snuggy Hoods Bug Body Fly Rug. This rug in particular lends itself perfectly for riding as it has no hard buckles, there is a stretch to allow for movement and also covers the tummy where those pesky flies like to bite during your ride. These rugs are commonly used to ride in with customers who live in areas which are largely populated with flies such as the New Forest with their Crab Flies, marshy areas of land, areas near lots of streams and rivers and finally Farms.

The Bug Body Fly Rug is available in three colours, to find out more information or purchase yours NOW – Click Here

Try it… honestly works….start now with providing your horse with relief during exercise. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01225 783399.

Snuggy Sooty Won and qualified for the Royal International horse show!!!

** Snuggy Sooty Update **

Lovely photos of last weekend. Won and qualified for the Royal International horse show !!!

So proud of Sooty, Janey and our team .


Do not let Sweet Itch get your horse or pony down, Snuggy Sooty (pictured) is a CHRONIC SWEET ITCH SUFFERER. We are here to help anyone with questions or queries regarding Sweet Itch, all of your horses and ponies can honestly look as good as Sooty…put an end to the suffering now and provide your Sweet Itch sufferer with the best protection.

Call us now on 01225 783399.
Watch Snuggy Sooty’s Video Here

Snuggy Sooty & Janey Bring Home The Ribbons From Their Debut Outing

28.02.16 (Snuggy Sooty & Janey on the left)

On our way home from a fabulous area 15 show. Janeys debut with Saint Sooty …. And 2 x wins!!! So so proud of them both. Thank you so much Team Holder, Emma Holder , Gayle Holder , Leon Stuart King (aka Billy Elliot), Gary Parr, Sian Holley and Georgia Aungier. And a huge well done to Matilda Jackson-Clutton (Laura Clutton ) for a well deserved 2nd! What a pair of superstars!!! (Ponies and children!)

If you are looking for any advice on how to make your Sweet Itch sufferers look as fantastic as Sooty then please do not hesitate to call us in the office as we would be delighted to help.

01225 783399

Snuggy Hoods – Then & Now

Snuggy Hoods is a family run company based in Wiltshire. It started more than 20 years ago when Marilyn Harford wanted to make something for her pony who suffered terribly with sweet itch.

Her designs and clothing soon got her noticed. Marilyn was invited to have a stand at Badminton Horse Trials. The business has grown ever since, from Marilyns attic to offices in Holt. Becky Godfrey-Fausset, Marilyns daughter now oversees the day-to-day running of the company.

Snuggy Hoods is a constantly evolving business, this year is very different to last year and next year will be different again. This is for many reasons. Becky and her team never sit back; the products are constantly reviewed and tweaked. New items are added, older ones discontinued. Snuggy Hoods is a seasonal business; in the winter it’s mud which needs tackling, in the summer the fly is the enemy.

The garments are known for their innovation and flexibility; they are bought by many around the world from Germany, to America to Australia. Riders across the equine world also endorse snuggy Hoods. Eventer Mary King, Showing Team Harvey, Endurance Rider Louise Rich, International Para Dressage rider Natalie Povey. It goes to show that regardless of discipline we still want our horses, clean, shiny and protected from the elements.

In 2012 Snuggy Hoods was awarded the Royal Warrant in recognition for supplying Her Majesty The Queens horses with clothing.

Snuggy Hoods has good relationships with other businesses in the equine sector, especially those that are also based in the West Country. Clippersharp and Snuggys often cross paths at events. Both companies hold dear their core values of quality and integrity – ensuring what they sell is what they believe in. It is a special thing to share common ground with another business striving to be the best it can be. Both Snuggy Hoods and Clippersharp also sponsor Mary King – she too is based in the south west.

Behind the scenes, in the last few years, Snuggy Hoods has looked more than ever to its knowledgeable and loyal customers. Snuggy Hoods has learnt about social media and what that has to offer. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are all platforms which offer instant feedback from customers. Conversations happen directly and result in horses and ponies getting the best out of Snuggy Hoods as soon as possible.

The digital age is an exciting time and Snuggy Hoods is enjoying the ride.

Summer Horse Clothing: The Best Choice In Summer Rugs And Hoods

So the sun is shining lots and that’s great but spare a thought for your horse this Summer. Although the hot Summer sun is great it can come with it’s own issues as far as your horse is concerned.

Anti Itch Rugs

A good anti itch rug is essential during the long (and hopefully) hot Summer months. The bugs are out in force at this time of year so it’s good to know your horse is completely protected.

An anti itch hood from Snuggy Hoods gives fantastic protection and at the same time looks stylish. I’m sure your horse isn’t worried what he/she looks like but from an owners point of view it’s to be considered (along with practicality and comfort of course) Here at Snuggy Hoods we don’t compromise on anything when it comes to the design of our horse clothing. This is backed up by the fact that we supply our original horse wear to her Royal Majesty the Queen.

sweet itch protection for horses

Detachable Fly Fringe

You can add a fly fringe or not with the Snuggy Hoods anti itch hood. Some owners love this particular add on as it gives full and complete protection for the head.

What To Look For When Choosing Summer Clothing For Your Horse

When choosing a rug or hood for your horse you will be faced with many different choices. There are specific blankets/rugs for keeping your horse cool. Some horse owners like to keep a full wardrobe of rugs and hoods for every occasion and season and some keep a minimal supply and buy as they need. Each way is perfectly fine, it’s all about what works for you. It’s very important to make the right choice for your horse so please do feel free to give us a call or drop us a line if you are unsure of which particular rug/hood to purchase.

All of our advisers are riders themselves so completely qualified to give the best advice on kitting out your horse for the Summer. Our original Summer horse rugs are used by olympic riders and the Royal house hold.

What Is Sweet Itch: Symptoms And Treatments For Summer Itching In Horses

So What Is Sweet Itch And Why Do Horses Suffer With It?

Sweet itch is defined as a hypersensitive reaction to specific allergens and molecules causing an extreme immune response in sensitized horses. There are multiple allergens involved.

The hypersensitivity response is mediated by an antibody produced by the horse’s immune system which binds the allergens, causing a cascade production of histamine and cytokines which make the horse’s skin inflamed and extremely itchy. Of these, histamine appears the most important in the initial phase of reaction.

Symtoms Of Sweet Itch In Horses

  • An allergic reaction develops at the site where the insects feed
  • The majority of affected horses will develop itching and lesions at the mane and the tail
  • Lesions appearing around the ears and head are also quite common.
  • These lesions are characterised by intense itching which results in rubbing and lots of trauma to the skin.

What Can I Do To Prevent Sweet Itch

There are lots of things you can do to prevent sweet itch in you horse.

  • Insecticides and repellant may be used (either on the horse or in their living space
  • barriers should be used. for example a good quality horse rug (anti itch rugs are best)
  • Fatty acid supplements and linseed oil may prove effective

anti itch sweet itch rugs

Summer Allergies In Horses: How To Stop Itching

Sweet itch is a Summer allergy affecting horses – Also know as summer seasonal recurrent dermatitis, sweet itch is an allergic reaction to the saliva of biting midges, sand flies and a certain kind of black fly.

If left untreated sweet itch can become a very serious problem for your horse.

Sweet itch generally runs from April until October although it is still possible for the condition to occur at other times of the year.

Where Does Summer Sweet Itch Affect The Horse?

Commonly along the spine the mane, the forelock and the tail. Other areas that can also become affected are underneath the stomach, saddle, head, sheath and legs.

The best way to help a horse suffering from sweet itch is to prevent midges and flies biting them in the first place. If you can keep your horse free of these pesky insects then you might have a chance at stopping the itch in the first instance rather than having to treat it once your horse is affected.

How Top treat Summer Allergies In Horses – Itch Treatments

If your horse does become affected by itching there are many lotions and potions out there to treat the itch but remember that often horses afflicted by the condition will have very sensitive skin therefore some may act as an irritant.

How Best To Stop Your Horse From Becoming Affected By Summer Itching And Fly Bites

Try to keep your horse stabled dusk and dawn as typically that’s when the midges are out in full force.

Special horse rugs are used to stop the midges and flies getting to the horse. we stock an extensive range of fly rugs for horses to help prevent sweet itch from affecting your horse.

The Snuggy Anti Itch rugs are the perfect protection for your horse. Keep the flies at bay to keep your horse itch free.

summer allergy horse rugs

Feed supplements are also available to minimise the affects of the itching.

How To Manage A Horse With Sweet Itch Summer Allergy

For sure managing a horse suffering with an itchy condition is not easy but try to get into a routine with your treatment of the condition and looking after your horse will become easier. Make sure you keep them covered with a horse rug at the worse times of the day.