Why Choose Snuggy Hoods??

Snuggy Hoods Ltd have been successfully helping horses & ponies with Sweet Itch for over 20 years. Our unique designs have been extensively trialed and tested over the years on thousands of equines resulting in first class coverage for sweet itch prevention, flies, allergies, uv sensitivity, sarcoids, skin conditions, shining the coat & preventing mane loss.  Snuggy Hoods have the great honor of being awarded a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen in January 2012 which is still currently held.

Why choose Snuggy Hoods?

Snuggy Hoods offer a wide range of sizes from Miniature to Shire along with a made to measure service for those difficult “in between” sizes to ensure comfort and safety for your horse is paramount.

We have a readily available help line for any questions or queries.

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The NEW @snuggyhoods mesh eye sweet itch/fly mask is currently being trialed by a number of customers. This is a before $ after photo having used the mask for about a month. The difference is great!

Watch this space!!! If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Suffering with your itchy horses & ponies?

It can often seem like a never ending battle at this time of year, whether your four legged friend just reacts badly to fly bites or is a Sweet Itch sufferer…there is help available to help keep it under control.

Snuggy Hoods are here to help, we offer a free advice line and are very friendly. We offer a wide range of product to suit all breeds, shapes and sizes from mini’s to maxi’s.

Call 01225 783399/ sales@snuggyhoods.com

The Show Season is Approaching!

The time of year is approaching where the Show Horses & Ponies come in from their holidays, the mass clipping commences, feeds are altered to ensure that condition is tip top, bathing, grooming and rugging ….the list goes on!!

Before we know it the midges shall be out in force so it is important to have protection against the elements in the forefront of your mind.

For any new followers who missed out on our Snuggy Sooty Showing series 2016. Sooty is a chronic sweet itch sufferer and it is paramount that his condition is managed with the correct protection & great care. Sooty reached #HOYS2016 and you would not believe that he suffers from such a horrid condition. If you feel like you are stuck in a Sweet Itch Rut then please do not hesitate to contact our helpline on 01225 783399, we are here to help and provide knowledge and advice on the best Sweet Itch protection for your horse or pony…..they can look as amazing as Sooty too!

Snuggy Sooty has arrived at Team Holders for his show preparation to begin, we shall keep you updated with his progress throughout the 2017 Season.


The preparation begins – Watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ0nRdedeOA

Snuggy Sooty & Janey are off to HOYS

So it all began on the 28.02.16 when Snuggy Sooty and Janey joined for their their debut outing, they have never looked back! In Janey’s first year competing within the first ridden classes the two superstars WON the HOYS FR at NPS and went on to win Mini Champion.

There is NOTHING that a Sweet Itch pony can not achieve and Sooty is the perfect example. Sooty is based with Team Holder who have an extremely strict daily routine in place for Sooty to ensure that his Sweet Itch is controlled at all times, this is a perfectly manageable condition once you know how, do not let Sweet Itch ruin your ponies life.

Make it your time to stand out from the crowd like Snuggy Sooty.

For further information and advice please take a look at Sooty’s story in the videos below.

Sooty’s Story Part 1 – Watch Here

Sooty’s Story Part 1 – Watch Here

Sooty’s Story Part 3 – Watch Here

Sooty’s Story Part 1 – Watch Here


Sooty the Sweet Itch Sufferer Can Certainly Shine!

The showing season is in full swing & we are counting down the days to when Sooty will be strutting his stuff at the Royal International Horse Show.
Watch the latest video diary HERE
to find out how Sooty & Janey prepare on a show day at the
Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Click here to watch Snuggy Sooty’s Story * Part 1 *

Click here to watch Snuggy Sooty’s Story * Part 2 *

Click here to watch Snuggy Sooty’s Story * Part 3 *

Click here to watch Sooty’s latest update ** New Part 4 **

Snuggy Sooty Won and qualified for the Royal International horse show!!!

** Snuggy Sooty Update **

Lovely photos of last weekend. Won and qualified for the Royal International horse show !!!

So proud of Sooty, Janey and our team .


Do not let Sweet Itch get your horse or pony down, Snuggy Sooty (pictured) is a CHRONIC SWEET ITCH SUFFERER. We are here to help anyone with questions or queries regarding Sweet Itch, all of your horses and ponies can honestly look as good as Sooty…put an end to the suffering now and provide your Sweet Itch sufferer with the best protection.

Call us now on 01225 783399.
Watch Snuggy Sooty’s Video Here

Snuggy Sooty & Janey Bring Home The Ribbons From Their Debut Outing

28.02.16 (Snuggy Sooty & Janey on the left)

On our way home from a fabulous area 15 show. Janeys debut with Saint Sooty …. And 2 x wins!!! So so proud of them both. Thank you so much Team Holder, Emma Holder , Gayle Holder , Leon Stuart King (aka Billy Elliot), Gary Parr, Sian Holley and Georgia Aungier. And a huge well done to Matilda Jackson-Clutton (Laura Clutton ) for a well deserved 2nd! What a pair of superstars!!! (Ponies and children!)

If you are looking for any advice on how to make your Sweet Itch sufferers look as fantastic as Sooty then please do not hesitate to call us in the office as we would be delighted to help.

01225 783399

Severe Sweet Itch Sufferer Leads Normal Life!


This Summer Snuggy Hoods will be following Woodroyd Celebration aka “Sooty” and his young jockey Janey across the country competing for a place at the coveted Horse of the Year Show in October.
Being a severe sufferer of Sweet Itch, his battle with the symptoms of the dreaded itch make their quest a little harder.
Snuggy Hoods will be offering tips and advice during the season, ensuring that your itchy horses, ponies and donkeys can look and feel as good as Sooty this season.

Watch Part 1 of Sooty’s Video Diary!

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of Sweet Itch Range then please do not hesitate to get in touch, our office is open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.

01225 783399

Summer Horse Clothing: The Best Choice In Summer Rugs And Hoods

So the sun is shining lots and that’s great but spare a thought for your horse this Summer. Although the hot Summer sun is great it can come with it’s own issues as far as your horse is concerned.

Anti Itch Rugs

A good anti itch rug is essential during the long (and hopefully) hot Summer months. The bugs are out in force at this time of year so it’s good to know your horse is completely protected.

An anti itch hood from Snuggy Hoods gives fantastic protection and at the same time looks stylish. I’m sure your horse isn’t worried what he/she looks like but from an owners point of view it’s to be considered (along with practicality and comfort of course) Here at Snuggy Hoods we don’t compromise on anything when it comes to the design of our horse clothing. This is backed up by the fact that we supply our original horse wear to her Royal Majesty the Queen.

sweet itch protection for horses

Detachable Fly Fringe

You can add a fly fringe or not with the Snuggy Hoods anti itch hood. Some owners love this particular add on as it gives full and complete protection for the head.

What To Look For When Choosing Summer Clothing For Your Horse

When choosing a rug or hood for your horse you will be faced with many different choices. There are specific blankets/rugs for keeping your horse cool. Some horse owners like to keep a full wardrobe of rugs and hoods for every occasion and season and some keep a minimal supply and buy as they need. Each way is perfectly fine, it’s all about what works for you. It’s very important to make the right choice for your horse so please do feel free to give us a call or drop us a line if you are unsure of which particular rug/hood to purchase.

All of our advisers are riders themselves so completely qualified to give the best advice on kitting out your horse for the Summer. Our original Summer horse rugs are used by olympic riders and the Royal house hold.