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Horse Clothing UK – Online Horse Wear Store

Here at Snuggy Hoods we aim to supply all of the clothing items your horse and you as a rider should ever need.

From rugs/blankets to hoods and tail guards we really do stock the lot. Our extensive online store features actual images of our original rugs and hoods designed specifically for our customers to our own unique design.

Why Buy Your Horse Wear From Snuggy Hoods

We are the original horse wear specialist in the UK and now have branches in the USA and Australia due to our well respected brand name. Our designs are not only up to the minute style wise but also incredibly comfortable for your horse. We have our own on site seamstress who can alter any product any which way you like.

For just twenty five UK pounds we offer an alteration and repair service so there really is no need for you to ever have to go elsewhere. We believe our customer service is second to none and as we all ride we fully understand the needs of both horse and rider.

Underwear For Horses: The Best Rugs To Stop Rubbing

The Snuggy Hoods underwear for horses has been designed to our unique specifications.

This silky bib designed to stop shoulder rub is the perfect addition to your horse’s wardrobe. It’s a popular choice as it has no seam at the wither and just a loop at the chest for security.

Weather Proof Under Rugs

The Spik and Span weather proof under rug keeps your horse warm and gives great belly protection. It’s comfortable to wear and easy fit for your convenience.

This rug works to stop the winter coats coming through so soon and keeps it clipped coat for longer.

It’s water repellent, mud proof, fully breathable and made from a rubust fabric with full belly coverage. Use under any rug or alone in warmer weather.

Horse Rugs: How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Horse

There are a lot of rugs on the market and it can be tricky to choose the perfect rug for your own horse.

At Snuggy Hoods we have worked hard over the years to come up with the perfect selection of rugs and underwear for horses.

Our unique designs are made specifically for us. The Snuggy rugs you see on our website are endorsed by Olympic riders and we are proud to carry the Royal Seal.

Whether it be an anti itch rug, light summer rug or heavier winter rug you will find all styles and sizes available from our online horse wear shop.

We offer a life time alteration and mend service which our loyal customers find invaluable. If you require a size that you can’t see on our site then please feel free to contact us as we are always to happy to help with special requests and have our own on site work shop.

Our horse rugs are shipped from our UK warehouse based in Holt just outside of Bath. All of our UK and European orders are shipped from this site but we also have separate websites in the USA and Australia with offices situated in each Country.

The Best Stable Horse Rugs: How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Horse

Stable Horse Rugs To Keep Your Horses Coat Perfect All Year Round – After working so hard all Summer to keep your horses coat shiny the last thing you want is the Winter coat to start growing through and scupper all of your hard work.

What Is The Jams Stable Rug Made From?

The Snuggy Jams stable Rug is made from the softest, cosy polar fleece covering body and belly.

How Does The Stable Rug Fit?

It is elasticated at wither and chest and around the rear for a close yet comfortable fit.

Teamed with the Snuggy Jams Hood this great set provides ultimate coverage for winter warmth.

We know it’s a little early to be talking about Winter rugs and hoods but it’s best to be prepared. Forward planning is the best way to keep your horse’s coat in tip top condition.

Choosing A Stable Rug

When choosing a stable rug there are a couple of things you need to know:

Often referred to as ‘night blankets’ stable rugs are designed to be worn when your horse is inside (stable or stalls) sometimes they are made from a more light weight fabric designed to keep the coat clean while some may be designed for warmth. Precisely for this reason we don’t expect them to face the same wear and tear as other rugs.

Summer Horse Clothing: The Best Choice In Summer Rugs And Hoods

So the sun is shining lots and that’s great but spare a thought for your horse this Summer. Although the hot Summer sun is great it can come with it’s own issues as far as your horse is concerned.

Anti Itch Rugs

A good anti itch rug is essential during the long (and hopefully) hot Summer months. The bugs are out in force at this time of year so it’s good to know your horse is completely protected.

An anti itch hood from Snuggy Hoods gives fantastic protection and at the same time looks stylish. I’m sure your horse isn’t worried what he/she looks like but from an owners point of view it’s to be considered (along with practicality and comfort of course) Here at Snuggy Hoods we don’t compromise on anything when it comes to the design of our horse clothing. This is backed up by the fact that we supply our original horse wear to her Royal Majesty the Queen.

sweet itch protection for horses

Detachable Fly Fringe

You can add a fly fringe or not with the Snuggy Hoods anti itch hood. Some owners love this particular add on as it gives full and complete protection for the head.

What To Look For When Choosing Summer Clothing For Your Horse

When choosing a rug or hood for your horse you will be faced with many different choices. There are specific blankets/rugs for keeping your horse cool. Some horse owners like to keep a full wardrobe of rugs and hoods for every occasion and season and some keep a minimal supply and buy as they need. Each way is perfectly fine, it’s all about what works for you. It’s very important to make the right choice for your horse so please do feel free to give us a call or drop us a line if you are unsure of which particular rug/hood to purchase.

All of our advisers are riders themselves so completely qualified to give the best advice on kitting out your horse for the Summer. Our original Summer horse rugs are used by olympic riders and the Royal house hold.

Horse Rugs For Heavy Horses: The Best Choice In Rugs From Snuggy Hoods

Dictionary definition of a heavy horse: A draft horse, draught horse or dray horse, less often called a work horse or heavy horse, is a large horse bred for hard heavy tasks such as ploughing and farm labour.

Obviously these days not all heavy horses are bred for work tasks. If you own a heavy horse then a Snuggy Rug may be a suitable choice.

Take a look at our range of rugs for horses. Our Summer horse rugs are many and varied and we like to think we have a size for every horse out there!

rugs for heavy horses

Fitting Your Horse Rug – Measuring Advice

  • Before trying on any Snuggy garment make sure the horse/pony is clean and scurf free
  • Un-do the Velcro tabs of the rug belly and slip the neck opening over the horse’s/pony’s head.
  • Pull rug backwards into position and fasten Velcro tabs on each side (at the front of each patch is best)
  • Slip tail over elastic fillet strap and fasten tail wrap around tail if the rug has one.
  • Make sure the fleece pad sits well in front of the wither at the base of the neck.
  • Check the length of the rug is correct, it should finish at the top of the tail If using with a hood, make sure the rug sits on top of the hood.

For further advice and assistance please drop us a line via the ‘Contact Form or call us on:

01225 783399

The Best Fly Rugs For Horses: Stop Fly Bites In Horse

Fly Rugs For Horses From Snuggy Hoods – The Snuggy Bug Body is the perfect fly rug for your horse. Stop those fly bites in he Summer months. This fly rug/blanket is a must have piece of clothing for any horse as it offers superb protection from all of those flies and midges that can make your horse’s life a misery in the hot Summer months.

the best rugs for horses

The Snuggy Bug Body comes as a two piece neck and rug combo for easy fit.

Sweet Itch

Protect your horse from fly bites and sweet itch with this Anti-itch Horse Rug offering maximum protection and maximum comfort.

The Sweet Itch Rug from Snuggy Hoods prevents coat bleaching and is mud proof and water repellent. This Sweet Itch Rug is also fabulous as an under rug for autumn/winter use, to keep your horse clean and add that extra layer for warmth.

fly rugs for horses

Important things to consider before buying a horse rug…

Think about the type of use, fabric, style and sizing when choosing the perfect rug for your horse. Sizing is all important when it comes to comfort.

Show Clothing For Horses: Shiny Show Hoods and Rugs

Does your horse’s mane have a mind of its own? Or does it drive you mad when they rub those plaits out before you even get to the show?!
Snuggy Hoods Shiny Show Hoods are made from the finest yet durable nylon shiny spandex, protecting the mane/plaits and creating fabulous coat shine.

These are a big favourite with top showing professionals, who not only use them to keep plaits tidy the night before a show but to help kick start training the mane to lie flat.

In addition they are ideal for use to keep plaits in place whilst traveling and keep natives long locks hay free, so they arrive at the event clean, tidy and ready for the ring.
There is the option of a zip from chin to chest to make fitting easier.

The Shiny Show Rug is designed to be worn with our Shiny Show Hood to offer complete nose to tail coverage for the show season, keeping coat super shiny and dust free.

It can also be used alone or with any other self fixing hood.
The Shiny Show Rug covers body and belly to keep the coat looking in tip top condition.