Winter Under Rugs for Horses & Ponies

Which is the best under rug for your horse or pony?

This is a tricky decision that the majority of horse owners come to when those days and nights get chillier and our equine friends are looking a little cold. If there was a way of reducing clipping and grooming throughout the winter then I am sure all horse owners would love to hear. Snuggy Hoods offer nose to tail coverage which can be used as an under rug when layering or by itself.

The question arises as to whether or not horses will get too hot in rugs. The Snuggy Hoods Turn Out range is made from a weatherproof, windproof, mudproof yet fully breathable fabric, making it the ideal choice for those looking to provide their horses with additional warmth without making them overheat with rugs that do not allow the skin to breathe.

This coverage is a combination of the Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out Hood Hood, or for those who would prefer to leave the head uncovered then the Headless Weatherproof Turn Out Hood together with the Snuggy Hoods Spik & Span rug.

Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out Hood

Snuggy Hoods Headless Weatherproof Turn Out Hood

This is our No.1 most popular product to prevent mane loss, the hood is fitted with a silky mane saver from poll to wither along with a built in silky bib. These hoods are designed to have plenty of length in the neck so that when the horse puts it’s head to the floor to graze there are absolutely no pressure points along the hood.

Snuggy Hoods Spik & Span Rug

All of the Snuggy Hoods range are fully machine washable at 40degrees and they dry very quickly. For those horses who are particularly spoilt, many owners find it useful to have two sets, allowing for one to be worn whilst the other is in the wash. We advise that both the turn out hoods and rugs are washed a minimum of every 2 weeks, this avoids any grease build up in the fabric and ensures the best results for a shiny coat and a full and thick mane throughout the winter.

If you would like to find out further information on any of these products then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Snuggy Hoods team. We shall happily help you with any questions or queries that you may have and are here to ensure you achieve the correct sizing and fit for your equines.

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Prevent Wither Rub In Horses: Best Protection For Shoulder Rub

How to prevent wither rub in your horse

Rubbing is a huge problem and will probably affect most horses at some point.

A major cause of wither rub (or shoulder rub) is an ill fitting rug. It’s possible that the neck of the blanket may be cut too small for the size of the horse.

Stop wither rub with our Petticoat Rug – This anti rub rug for the prevention of shoulder rub is made from the same fantastic fabric as our Silky Bibs, these fabulous new under rugs will add shine to any coat whilst preventing chaffs and rubs from rugs.

rugs to prevent wither rub

If you would like any more information about what the Snuggy Hood anti-rub rug can do for your horse then please do either drop us a line via our contact form or give us a call. there is always someone on hand to offer advice and support.

Measuring For The Petticoat Anti Rub Rug

The anti rub rug comes in a variety of sizes and is suitable for most horses. Don’t forget to make sure you measure your horse if you’ve never purchased a rug before. Getting the right size is all important.

Buying the wrong size for your horse can contribute to shoulder rub and chaffing.