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Blog for February and March 2018

The last two months we have been busy working on our training as well as having our weekly lessons with Helen. We have been working on Fulltide not being quite so reactive to my aids so we maintain the relaxation, as Fulltide is very sensitive to my aids so I am learning to ask her less so she doesn’t over react to what I am asking. We have also being focusing on the movements within our dressage tests especially the leg yielding and the medium trot as these are what we find most difficult. We have worked hard with Helen with the leg yielding as I was struggling to achieve the leg yielding to the left due to my outside hand been weaker which means that I lose the shoulder so we just end up with a straight diagonal line – with Helen’s patients we are getting there, I just need to remember to support the shoulder with my outside rein (left hand) – it is much better in trot than walk at the moment so we need to perfect the leg yielding in the walk now as our dressage tests requires us to leg yielding in walk rather than trot.

For the medium trot we have been working on a rectangle and collecting for the corners and the short side encouraging Fulltide to collect and contain the energy then asking for a bigger trot along the outside, we haven’t quite asked for medium trot yet as we don’t want to learn her that she can run onto the forehand – this exercise was a challenge to start with as Fulltide thought the bigger trot was needed at all times and found it quite exciting. Our main aim of the exercise is to keep Fulltide relaxed and into the contact in the transitions from the collected trot to the bigger trot and back again and to make sure she is listening to my go and back aids. We have to work on this a little then move onto another exercise as Fulltide thinks it’s rather exciting.

I have also be learning to control Fulltide’s trot as it can get a little onward bound so I have been using my seat and half halts to help maintain the rhythm as well as keeping her soft into the contact and working over her back. I have also been using circles to help with this.

As well as our training to keep Fulltide’s work varied we have also been using trotting poles and small jumps which Fulltide thoroughly enjoys.

Keeping Up with the King’s

It has been all steam ahead from the beginning of January. We are very fortunate to have Becca back with us for a second year, and then we have a new groom called Sophie Benger, who is lovely and settling into the King routine very well. My horses did 3 weeks roadwork, then I started to introduce a bit of schooling. lunging, pole work and then a little jumping at the end of Jan. We have their teeth done by Keith Evans, who is an excellent equine dentist who lives in the Westcountry. We also get Richard Stringer, our excellent vet, to get their ‘flu/tetanus boosters done. Gradually we get them clipped and tidy and looking like real event horses again. Emily and I do these things quite differently! I am old fashioned and like to do a hunter clip with their saddle patches and legs left on, whereas Emily likes hers to be clipped out completely, legs and all. She keeps her horses tails full, and trims her manes with scissors to give a straight square look (influenced by working in Germany in a show jumping yard!). I pull my horses manes and tails…although part of me thinks why on earth do I pull out their hair?…but in fact my 3 enjoy having their manes and tails pulled so I feel its okay!

I did quite a bit of teaching in January..2 days at Rectory Farm in Glos, 2 days in Aberdeen and Angus in Scotland, and a single day at Duchy College in Cornwall. Hard work, but the pay is good and I taught some lovely friendly keen riders.
Having returned from a fabulous weeks skiing in Les Houches with a bunch of friends (Freddie my son is working there for the season), it was then time to begin the horses canter work. We canter every 3rd or 4th day and are lucky to be able to use a friendly farmers long sloping grass field. Through Feb we start to go to jumping shows, and have booked in for some dressage lessons with Ferdi Eilberg, who has been my trainer for many years. Lecture/demos, 2 River Cottage evenings, yard visits and evening talks are filling up our Feb diary. 
Here is our provisional spring event programme…not long now before the start, WHOOPEE! 🙂
3rd                Moreton
8th/9th         Tweseldown
16th-18th    Aldon
29th-31st     Burnham Market
4th                Portman
13th-15th    Belton
20th-22nd   Bicton
28th-29th    Withington
10th             Aston Le Walls
12th-13th    Chatsworth
23rd-27th    HOUGHTON CCI
29th-3rd      TATTERSALLS CCI        

Natalie Povey’s Winter Blog Update

It seems a while since my last blog, we have been very busy. We are also enjoying training in the lighter evenings as spring is fast approaching.


Just before Christmas we attended our first ever able bodied competition at a local unaffiliated competition but the classes were judged by a British Dressage listed judge. In the lead up to the competition I was a little worried with how I would cope doing a dressage test with canter in as I had only learnt to canter in October and I had never cantered Tidy away from home so I was a little apprehensive on how she would react in a strange place as she can be a little more forward away from home. I had no need to worry, Tidy was perfectly behaved throughout the day and I was very grateful to my friend Becky for taking Tidy for me. It was Christmas themed which was lovely so Tidy wore her reindeer fly veil and some tinsel around her neck. The venue and people of Oswestry Riding Club were very friendly and welcoming. I warmed up outside and Tidy was listening well to my aids and quite relaxed. For my first dressage test I entered the Intro C (walk and trot) which is similar to my para dressage test so Tidy had chance to look at the indoor competition arena as there was a car for the judge to sit in which is something Tidy hasn’t seen yet with her limited competition experience – as expected she had a little look at the car but soon settled to do a lovely relaxed test to be placed 1st with 74.56% which I was more than happy with. Our next test would be my first ever dressage test with canter in so my plan was to survive and come out together – I knew Tidy would be fine but it was more whether I would be able to get the canter in all the right places and keep my balance. Tidy looked after me and did a very pleasing test, listening the whole way through to be awarded 71.13% and 2nd place – I was so pleased with her, we lost the canter in one part of the test as Tidy was looking after me but we managed to recover the canter. I was so proud of her, she is a pleasure to take out and about, trying her hardest at all times even when she is unsure in a new environment.


After the competition our training was put on hold due to snow and ice, then before I knew it was Christmas so Tidy had her planned two week holiday. I think it important for her to have a holiday for some down time and time to be a horse.


January was spent focusing on training at home, having our regular lessons with our coach, Helen and also doing so pole work to keep Tidy’s schooling varied. I can’t believe Tidy will have been with me two years this year, she has come so far and helped me get my confidence back as well as achieving my ambition of learning to canter and compete able bodied.


Tidy came back from her holiday feeling rather well with a spring in her step so we have been focusing on maintaining a relaxed rhythm as she could sometimes get a little forward using half halts and also keeping her mind occupied in the school varying the exercises. She is always eager to please so sometime tries too hard.




Well done and congratulations to those who have made it to our short list, we have had a vast amount of applications and to narrow it down to just 6 combinations has been very hard. These are the 6 who really stood out to us.

– Anna Layfield & Derrygimbla Boy

– Rianna Marnane & Gold Digga VI

– Jodie Simmonds & Dartans Big Impression

– Team Eddis – (Lucy Eddis – Cashel Bay JJ) & (Susie Eddis & Beat The Boss)

– Jodie Creighton & Derrygimbla Atlantic Storm


* Many thanks again to all who took the time to send in their application, we are most grateful and wish you all the best of luck in the season *

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We look forward to receiving and reviewing all entries and would like to wish the best of luck to all. If you have any questions about the entry process then please do not hesitate to get in touch 01225 783399.

** We shall be announcing a shortlist on Friday 31st March 2017 **

** Winner to be selected on Monday 3rd April **