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Udder Covers, Sheath Covers and Front Legs are matched to the rug size. Please refer to the guide below:-

XS 4’6” to 4’9”
S 5’0” to 5’6”
M 5’9” to 6’3”
L 6’6” to 6’9”
XL 7’0” +

If in doubt please contact us.

Ears hands

S Large Child or Small Adult
M Adult


Child XS 3-4 years
Child S 5-6 years
Child M 7-8 years
Child L 9-10 years
Adult XS UK 6
Adult S UK 8-10
Adult M UK 12-14
Adult L UK 16-18
Baby 3-6 months
Baby 9-12 months
Baby 18-24 months


S Child or small adult
L Adults


Child S 3-4 years
Child M 5-6 years
Child L 7-8 years
Adult S UK 6-8
Adult M UK 10-12
Adult L UK 14-16


XS 18″ Miniature Horse/Shetland
S 24″ Riding Pony
M 30″ Small Native
L 36″ Sports Horse or Warmblood
XL 42″ Heavy horse or Hunter

The measurement is from centre of chest to bottom.

If in doubt please contact us.


XS Small Pony/Shetland
S Pony
M Cob
L Full

If using in the stable or for working in/riding we recommend you choose one size smaller for a secure fit.


XS Small Pony/Shetland
S Pony
M Cob
L Full
XL X-full


S Pony
M Cob
L Full
XL X-full

These sizes are based on a trimmed tail i.e. just below the hock.

If your horse/pony has a longer tail e.g. native choose a size longer.


XS 11hh-12hh, wearing 4’6” to 4’9” rugs
S 12hh-13hh, wearing 5’0 rugs
S/M 13hh-14hh, wearing 5’3” to 5’6” rugs
M 14hh-15hh, wearing 5’9” to 6’0” rugs
M/L 15hh-16hh, wearing 6’3” rugs
L 16hh-17hh wearing 6’6” to 6’9” rugs
XL 17hh-17.2hh wearing 7’0” rugs
XXL 18hh+, wearing 7’3”+ rugs

It is important that Silky Bibs are not too big as this may cause slipping backwards behind the wither. If your horse/pony seems to be between sizes or has a narrow chest and is finely built choose a size smaller.

If in doubt please contact us.


XS Small Pony
S Pony
M Cob
L Full
XL X-full


Please measure your dog from collar to base of tail as per image below.


XXXS 10″ Chihuahua, Toy Breeds
XXS 12″ Yorkie, Dachshund
XS 14″ Jack Russell
S 16″ Terrier, Mini Poodle
S/M 18″ Westie, Beagle
M 20″ Cocker, Springer
M/L 22″ Small Lab, Dalmation
L 24″ Lab, Pointer
XL 26″ German Shepherd, Setter
XXL 28″ Great Dane, Rottweiler
XXXL 30″ St Bernard, Mastiff

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