Product tab – Size Guide Bibs


XS 11hh-12hh, wearing 4’6” to 4’9” rugs
S 12hh-13hh, wearing 5’0 rugs
S/M 13hh-14hh, wearing 5’3” to 5’6” rugs
M 14hh-15hh, wearing 5’9” to 6’0” rugs
M/L 15hh-16hh, wearing 6’3” rugs
L 16hh-17hh wearing 6’6” to 6’9” rugs
XL 17hh-17.2hh wearing 7’0” rugs
XXL 18hh+, wearing 7’3”+ rugs

It is important that Silky Bibs are not too big as this may cause slipping backwards behind the wither. If your horse/pony seems to be between sizes or has a narrow chest and is finely built choose a size smaller.

If in doubt please contact us.