Snuggy Hoods Brand Ambassador Competition

Snuggy Hoods Are Looking For A…….

Working Hunter Pony Ambassador

Is your ambition to qualify for HOYS 2017?

* Snuggy Hoods are looking for a competitive duo who have a successful track record to date.

* We are offering a Snuggy Hoods Outfit worth a minimum of £250 to our chosen WINNER.

In exchange we would be looking for photos of the duo in competition which we can use within our advertising along with product reviews of the items sent.

To Apply

* Email –

– Your Name

– Ponies Name

– Photo of you both

– Blurb (Why we should pick you)

We look forward to receiving and reviewing all entries and would like to wish the best of luck to all. If you have any questions about the entry process then please do not hesitate to get in touch 01225 783399.

** We shall be announcing a shortlist on Friday 31st March 2017 **

** Winner to be selected on Monday 3rd April **

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** Turn Out Hood Testimonial **

** Super Testimonial received from Ella regarding the Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out Hood – Thanks again! **


I have now has 5 hoods that I’ve purchased from you guys. I brought a turnout hood from you at Olympia this year because I needed something that my welsh d (mojo) could wear out in the field but not get wet. He has severe skin allergies, so has to be covered up as much as he can. I show mojo county level so it’s very important his coat looks great at all times, which is incredibly hard for us to control. Mojo has competed at hoys several years on the trot with his previous owners and they had the same difficulty of keeping his mane nice without him scratching, and making sure he doesn’t rub bald bits all over his body. Ive owned him for 4 years and had the same problem. Your turnout hood has been amazing!!! He now has a full mane, no rubs, always kept dry even in the worst weathers. It’s breathable and he never gets too hot in it, he can now also wear a rug with a neck in without it rubbing his mane out. Highly recommended!!


Catch up with Natalie Povey

Blog for November and December 2016

As the year comes to an end I have been looking how far Fulltide has come in the last few months in her training and how much more confident she is in her work. Our partnership is much more established and we are learning to trust each other, she tries so hard to work out what I am asking her. She is such a kind mare and I feel very lucky that she found me, as she is perfect. I can do as much as I physically can with her so I spend a lot of time grooming her and spending time getting to know her – she whinnies when she hears the sound of my sticks on the yard and if she is in her stable she is waiting with her head over her stable door to greet me. She always makes you smile. At the moment Fulltide is stabled at night in her luxury extra deep bed and turned out during the day with her companion and best friend, Honey the Shetland.

After finding out last month that our para dressage tests are due to change in the new year I have started teaching Fulltide the new movements, some of which she hasn’t done before such as leg yielding. Teaching Fulltide to leg yield has been a challenge as I have limited use of my legs and seat so we needed to find away of teaching Fulltide different aids so she understands what I am asking her. We have found that by applying a little rein pressure to the side of the neck that she moves away from it so we have been using this aid to teach her leg yielding – it is far from perfect at the moment so is a working progress as I need to keep her moving forward and sideways without falling through the shoulder but at the same time being careful not to get her confused.

We have also been working on our bend on the left rein as I have no used of my left leg to bend her around on the left rein so we were both finding working on the left rein a challenge as she was slightly against the bend and wanting to bend to the right – it is something that I have been working on for a while but we now seem to have worked it out although it still needs some improvement we have made a lot of progress to where we were two months ago.

I have also been working hard to contain her trot as now she is fitter than she was when she arrived she is feeling rather forward but in a good way, I just need to contain the extra forward energy so she stays in rhythm and balance rather than running away. In the walk to help with this I have been giving her more to think about varying to the work from different sized circles, to teaching her shoulder-in and quarter turns. In the trot to start with I worked on this on a 20m circle then making the circle smaller and bigger again containing the energy by half halting as when working large she would get a little hurried. She soon understood what I was asking. Fulltide is quite a sensitive, clever mare so picks things up quickly but then I have to be careful not to confuse my aids as she always wants to please and try her best.

To finish our training sessions we have been working on her stretching in the freewalk and taking the contact consistently forward and down.

The Show Season is Approaching!

The time of year is approaching where the Show Horses & Ponies come in from their holidays, the mass clipping commences, feeds are altered to ensure that condition is tip top, bathing, grooming and rugging ….the list goes on!!

Before we know it the midges shall be out in force so it is important to have protection against the elements in the forefront of your mind.

For any new followers who missed out on our Snuggy Sooty Showing series 2016. Sooty is a chronic sweet itch sufferer and it is paramount that his condition is managed with the correct protection & great care. Sooty reached #HOYS2016 and you would not believe that he suffers from such a horrid condition. If you feel like you are stuck in a Sweet Itch Rut then please do not hesitate to contact our helpline on 01225 783399, we are here to help and provide knowledge and advice on the best Sweet Itch protection for your horse or pony…..they can look as amazing as Sooty too!

Snuggy Sooty has arrived at Team Holders for his show preparation to begin, we shall keep you updated with his progress throughout the 2017 Season.


The preparation begins – Watch here –

Natalie Povey’s October Blog

Blog for October 2016

After having a visit off the dentist at the end of last month Fulltide had two weeks off to allow her abscess to heel as she was in some discomfort when being ridden.

At the beginning of this month Fulltide also started coming in to her stable in the evenings to be stabled overnight now the weather has started to change as she lived out during the summer being rugged up according to the weather. Fulltide had been ready to stay in the comfort of her lovely warm bed for a couple of weeks as she had been a little reluctant to go back out once we had worked her in the evening but as the weather was still quite mild and dry I thought we should make the most of it, although she will be turned out every day during the winter when possible.

I also found out this month that our Para Dressage Tests will be changing next year so we have lots more to focus on and establish in our training over the winter as our tests with now include movements such as leg yielding, serpentines and halts in other places than at the start and the end of the test as well as still including medium trot, freewalk and a variety of sized circles. Some of the movements that use to be in the tests have been replaced by other movements – I now have the challenge of trying to remember the new dressage tests. We haven’t really touched on lateral work at the moment other than shoulder-in as we had been focusing on the straightness so we didn’t confuse Fulltide with more aids as I will have to teach her to move off my seat and gentle rein aids but that’s sometimes easier said than done so this is what I have been working on this month. She has picked up the idea of going sideways quite quickly but we now need to perfect it as sometime Fulltide gets a little confused with what I am asking as she is so eager to please and other times I get it wrong so we need to work together to perfect our leg yielding. We have also been working on the rhythm within the paces as this can sometimes be a little inconsistent due to my balance and Fulltide being sensitive to my aids. During our training sessions we have also been practicing lots of circles (8m, 10m, 15m,20m) making sure we are working on the line of the circle and not falling in or out. We have also been working on our halts at the end of a training session just doing two or three – Fulltide often leaves a hind leg behind so I have someone helping me one the floor to tell me which leg needs correcting and I ask her to move that leg – we only do two or three until she halts square as if we did anymore it would make her fidget in the halts which is something I don’t want.

Natalie Povey’s September Blog

Blog for September 2016

September has been a challenging month as I have been unwell with a pressure sore on the bottom of my left foot which had an infection, it is something that has been ongoing for a good few years and I have to manage it on a daily basis to make sure I am able to ride as I ended up in hospital with it a couple of years ago and for nine months I was unable to weight bare, walk or ride. The agreement I have with my consultant at the hospital is to be on restricted walking and to only weight bare when doing what I love most, my horse of course, which is frustrating as I am so use to being active. This month I have spent some time none weight baring which meant I was unable to ride. During this time we kept Fulltide in work and continued her training lungeing her on her Equi-Ami a couple of times a week, which she enjoys as it gives her a break from her usual schooling although I do try to keep her work varied which is more difficult now the days are getting shorter as I run out of light when training in the evening so we are a little more confined to the school rather than the odd day hacking around the fields.

Towards the end of the month I started being able to weight bare again which meant I could carry on with Fulltide’s training so we had a couple of lessons with our coach – although I am still having to take things easy until my appointment with my consultant at the hospital at the end of October. I have been working hard on our test movements as well as our accuracy. We have also been focusing on establishing Fulltide’s rhythm in walk and trot as it can vary a little due to my unsteady balance as she is very sensitive to what I am asking her to do so she is only trying her hardest for me but we need to establish a consistent rhythm to be able to achieve the higher marks when we compete.

At the end of September Fulltide had a visit off the dentist for a routine check up as she was behaving a little out of character when ridden in a contact – she wasn’t doing anything naughty, she just didn’t feel right in herself. She was a very good girl for the dentist, however she did have an abscess in her month and it was suggested that due to her being uncomfortable to give her sometime off to let it heal.


Winter Under Rugs for Horses & Ponies

Which is the best under rug for your horse or pony?

This is a tricky decision that the majority of horse owners come to when those days and nights get chillier and our equine friends are looking a little cold. If there was a way of reducing clipping and grooming throughout the winter then I am sure all horse owners would love to hear. Snuggy Hoods offer nose to tail coverage which can be used as an under rug when layering or by itself.

The question arises as to whether or not horses will get too hot in rugs. The Snuggy Hoods Turn Out range is made from a weatherproof, windproof, mudproof yet fully breathable fabric, making it the ideal choice for those looking to provide their horses with additional warmth without making them overheat with rugs that do not allow the skin to breathe.

This coverage is a combination of the Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out Hood Hood, or for those who would prefer to leave the head uncovered then the Headless Weatherproof Turn Out Hood together with the Snuggy Hoods Spik & Span rug.

Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out Hood

Snuggy Hoods Headless Weatherproof Turn Out Hood

This is our No.1 most popular product to prevent mane loss, the hood is fitted with a silky mane saver from poll to wither along with a built in silky bib. These hoods are designed to have plenty of length in the neck so that when the horse puts it’s head to the floor to graze there are absolutely no pressure points along the hood.

Snuggy Hoods Spik & Span Rug

All of the Snuggy Hoods range are fully machine washable at 40degrees and they dry very quickly. For those horses who are particularly spoilt, many owners find it useful to have two sets, allowing for one to be worn whilst the other is in the wash. We advise that both the turn out hoods and rugs are washed a minimum of every 2 weeks, this avoids any grease build up in the fabric and ensures the best results for a shiny coat and a full and thick mane throughout the winter.

If you would like to find out further information on any of these products then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Snuggy Hoods team. We shall happily help you with any questions or queries that you may have and are here to ensure you achieve the correct sizing and fit for your equines.

01225 783399 /

Hunter Pony Lead Rein Of The Year Goes To…..


Horse Of The Year Show 2016 is certainly one to remember for all of those at Snuggy Hoods. The results gained by staff members, sponsors and customers along with their prize possession horses and ponies were breathtaking, an absolute credit to the team. You are already a winner to have even made it to Hoys, an achievement that shall be cherished for many years to come.

The dreams continued beyond our wildest dreams when Snuggy Hoods Director’s daughter Eugenie Godfrey-Faussett WON the Hunter Pony Lead Rein Of The Year with her beautiful pony, Gryngalt Picture Frame, lead by Emma Holder. The combination were foot perfect and looked a million dollars and still have beaming smiles from ear to ear.

Comment from Becky Godfrey-Faussett – “What a finale to the best season we have ever had! We have 2 perfect ponies. Both Soots and Lolli gave their all to one very lucky little girl who rode her socks off! I can’t put into words how we all feel! Still can’t believe it. All my thanks however go to our fabulous producers Team Holder! Gayle Holder and Emma Emma Holder have worked tirelessly this season and we’ve had so much fun! I literally can’t thank you enough! Russell Ingram, Rachel Perfect and Sian Holley you are too fabulous for words! All in all “simply the best” – think our pictures say the rest!”.

Pictured Above – Snuggy Sooty the Chronic Sweet Itch Sufferer. Sooty’s sweet itch is managed by all of the Snuggy Hoods products. If you need help and advice to get your sweet itch sufferer looking this good then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on, 01225 783399 or

It was another fabulous win for our very own Chloe Hiscock, Marketing Manager of Snuggy Hoods and her beautiful dun horse Aramis. With an impressive performance they won a very tough SEIB search for a Star Riding Horse Championship, qualifying them for the SEIB Supreme Championship on the final day in the Genting International Arena.

Chloe’s comments – “Well what can I say!! Still totally on cloud 9 after Aramis taking SEIB Riding Horse Champion of The Year today. I am so so so proud of my amazing boy, he is having a well deserved quiet day today recouping ready for the Supreme Championship on Sunday !!! Whatever the outcome I could not be happier right now, loving every minute. It is certainly quite interesting trying to juggle the Snuggy Hoods trade stand whilst having a horse to attend to….but it made the experience all that little more exciting and memorable. The Snuggy Hoods team have been absolutely irreplaceable. Such great support, help and advice, thank you so much to all. I would not have changed a single moment!”

Below: Snuggy Hoods Team Member Rachel Cowan’s daughter, Meg Thompson and her absolutely stunning horse Inkwell Little Mark in the CHAPS Non Native Pony of The Year.

Rachels Comments – “These 2 melt my heart. Gutted that it wasn’t meant to be this year but onwards and upwards. A Pokemon in the corner of the top spec arena put them out of the placings but I am so incredible proud of how Meg Thompson coped and remained so calm and professional. There is always another day. We have had the most incredible season and won more than we could have ever dreamed of. A well deserved break for them now and bring on 2017!”.

Rachel’s team are on the look out for lovely fun people to produce for. They are located in Buckingham with great facilities and easy access to big competition centres. Each and every pony/horse is catered for on an individual basis and treated like one of the family. Please get in touch f you would like any further information.

Snuggy Hoods Sponsor RDA Gala Awards 2016

Horse or Pony of the Year (sponsored by Snuggy Hoods): Mickey from The Brae RDA.

What a truly inspiration evening and an absolute pleasure to be involved with, the Snuggy Hoods team headed to London to attend the RDA GALA AWARDS 2016.

Mickey – The Horse Who Has It All!

Mickey is a very special horse who loves his job. Mickey provides horse riding, carriage driving and hippotherapy lessons to a wide range of clients, and is also trained in back riding.

In November 2015, Mickey began his training to become The Brae group’s first vaulting horse; he now provides his third block of vaulting lessons – an extraordinary achievement in just eight months.

Without Mickey’s hard work and enthusiasm to learn, it would not have been possible for the vaulters to benefit greatly from their lessons. Vaulting has improved the lives of the clients, making a huge impact on their self-confidence, balance, motor skills, flexibility and co-ordination. The sessions allow the team of vaulters to work in a group and give the vital communication skills to be able to work together, particularly when two vaulters are on Mickey together.

Volunteers also benefit massively from Mickey’s extraordinary achievements, excelling in confidence, self-esteem, patience, determination and communication skills. They also built up trust and now have a very special relationship with Mickey. Volunteers who had never seen or heard of equestrian vaulting before, had the chance to learn and ‘have a go’ while teaching Mickey. Seeing vaulters grinning from ear to ear when they are up on Mickey and seeing what these clients gain from just one session makes it all worthwhile. Mickey also helps teach new volunteers the various skills mandatory for the green card.

The Brae is constantly fundraising to raise much-needed funds to keep the centre running and Mickey is a huge help. From posing for photos, to going for adventures in the horse box (including a visit to a local primary School, along with his tie and school bag), Mickey loves every minute of it.

With his relaxed, kind and caring nature, he is loved by many riders, vaulters, carriage drivers, volunteers, staff, visitors and the other horses, of course. Mickey is truly a horse in a million and deserves to be recognised for all his hard work he does and has done for the past four years at The Brae.

Watch the Snuggy Hoods “Horse of the Year” presentation – click here

Marilyn Harford from Snuggy Hoods presenting the “Horse of the Year Award 2016”.

The Snuggy Hoods Ladies enjoying a fantastic night of celebration at RDA Gala Awards 2016.

The Snuggy Hoods Ladies attending the RDA Gala Awards 2015.